This is an extension for bulk downloading web images. With this image downloader, you can easily and quickly filter out the images you want from a cluttered collection and download them with just one click. It supports specifying output image formats and batch renaming!

It seems that you have not installed the extension. You can choose one of the installation sources below based on your browser.

Chrome Web Store Edge Add-ons


How does HImage work?

HImage is an extension installed on your browser. It can sniff, analyze, and filter web images, and download them. The plugin works well with both CSS-loaded and dynamically loaded images, providing a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) experience.

How can I exclude unwanted images?

There may be some images on the web page that you don't want, such as advertisements or small icons used for page decoration. You can specify image formats and sizes to exclude them. You can also specify to exclude all images from a particular domain.

Can I convert the downloaded images to different formats?

Yes, the extension allows format conversion during the download. In the extension settings, you can choose the output image format, such as converting avif format to jpg format. The extension will automatically perform the format conversion during the download according to your selection and save the images in the specified format.

Can I batch rename the downloaded images?

Yes, HImage supports batch renaming of downloaded images. Before downloading the images, you can set a uniform filename prefix. The extension will rename the images in batches by appending a numerical sequence based on the prefix you entered, making it easier to organize and manage them.

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