Emoticons symbols list for copy and paste

ThisEmoji is a an emojis list that includes all types of emoticons. You can search or categorize to find the emoticons you need. This list provides copy-and-paste functionality, so you can paste them into any social media platform or blog that supports emojis, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and more.

We also provide browser extension support, so you can use emojis more conveniently on any webpage. You can install it by browser web store: Chrome Edge

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Why are some emoji not displayed correctly?

Some emojis may fail to display properly due to missing fonts, system version issues, or encoding problems. Inadequate font support can cause certain emojis to fail to display accurately, while system version problems may prevent devices or applications from supporting certain emoji characters. Encoding issues during the transmission of emojis while sending or receiving them can also cause display problems. To address these issues, one can try installing appropriate fonts, upgrading system versions, using a different application, or attempting to resend the emoji.

Why can't some emoji set skin color?

Some emojis cannot be customized with skin tones because of their design or usage, which does not support the Skin Tone Modifier. The Skin Tone Modifier is a special character in the Unicode standard that allows for adjusting the skin tone of certain emojis. However, not all emojis can utilize the Skin Tone Modifier to adjust their skin tones as their design may not have been created with this feature in mind.

Why doesn't my pasted emoji look like the ones in this list?

ThisEmoji uses the emoticon symbols font provided by Twitter by default. When you paste it to other platforms, it will automatically use the emoji font of your device or the font provided by the platform, so their appearance may be different. If you want to use your device font, you can click the switch above the list to enable the system font.

Why can't I copy, when I click on the emoji?

Normally, when you click on an emoji, the program will automatically help you copy the emoji to the clipboard, if it does not work as this, it may be because your browser does not support the related Javascript API, it is recommended that you use Chrome, Edge or Firefox browser.